Build Your Business Credit. Scale Up. Avoid Disaster. Business Owners Roundtable. May 29, 2019


Build Your Business Credit To Get Funded And Scale Up

We've planned a highly engaging roundtable with a pre-eminent business credit expert, Dr. Stephanie Ardrey.

She's going to share with us no-nonsense insights on:

12 Reasons Having Business Credit Is a Must for Startups & Growing Companies...  And How Not Having It Can be Disastrous For Your Business

Did You Know?

  1. Business credit is credit in a business name that's linked to the business's EIN number
  2. A Business owner can obtain such business credit that is not linked to their SSN
  3. When built correctly, the SSN isn't even supplied on loan application meaning there is no personal credit check to obtain this kind of EIN credit.

Dr. Ardrey will present stories with real-life examples on "Corporate Credit EIN, Not SSN" and how to build your business credit, avoid disaster and scale up your business! For instance, did you know about Business Credit Scoring and what it takes to increase the business credit score?

Think Another Way: If your company has built sufficient business credit, it may not even need outside capital to scale up and grow. By the same token, if your company has never built any credit, this could spell potential doom.

If you are an entrepreneur or business owner growing your small business, you will take away strategic insights around building your business credit the right way.

When: May 29, 2019 at 6 pm. Where: Next7. 5151 California Ave. St 100 Irvine CA 92617

About Our Speaker

Dr. Stephanie Ardrey AKA “Dr. Money”

  • President & CEO of Blu Diamond Capital, Advisory and Properties
  • 20+ Year Entrepreneurial and Corporate Executive History
  • Trained thousands of entrepreneurs – incubators, intrapreneurship and advocacy.
  • Adjunct University Professor – UCLA, CSULA, FIDM and LASC
  • Multi-billion Dollar Commercial Real Estate Development Portfolio
  • The ArdreyGroup, Inc. - $250 Million Dollar Multicultural Communications Agency
  • Kal-Kan/M&M Mars - $1 Billion Dollar Advertising/Promotion/Global Procurement

Dr. Stephanie Ardrey aka Dr. Money