Business Owners Roundtable July 30

Scale Your Values To Scale Your Business

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How To Scale Your Values To Scale Your Business?

Make something people want... There’s nothing more valuable than an unmet need that is just becoming fixable. If you find something broken that you can fix for a lot of people, you’ve found a gold mine.” Paul Graham, founder of Y Combinator and venture capitalist

Value Creation Is IT

The most sustainable way to grow your business comes from a foundation of core values. Learn to empower and inspire your team by shifting the paradigm of value and understand how to reinforce those values, which allows you to be a compassionate capitalist.

If you believe your business is not growing, stalling, or the growth is unpredictable, one of the core reasons could be sustainable value creation. Join us at this Business Owners Roundtable to learn about how to grow consistently with the value mindset.

Entrepreneurs and Business Owners are going to take away strategic insights around building their business the right way by value creation.

"Feeling lost is a feeling of shortage." ~ David Meltzer

We need stop thinking of what we aren't because that's what creates the shortages and voids in our life. 

Instead we need to consider who we are, and put faith in the things we like about ourselves. Slowly over time you'll start figuring out your purpose. You'll start to figure out where and what you're supposed to be doing and why you're supposed to be doing that.  

Find that purpose of what you like about certain things...

About Our Speaker

David Meltzer, co-founder Sports 1 Marketing + S1Media House 

David Meltzer is a two-time #1 best-selling author and has been named a Top 10 Keynote Speaker by Forbes and Entrepreneur.

Marshall Goldsmith has recognized Dave as a Top 100 Business Coach and currently serves as a business advisor to over 45 companies and charities. David, more recently, invested into Splyce, one of the world’s top e-sports teams, alongside NBA All-Star Metta World Peace.

David is the executive producer and host to Entrepreneur's original show, Elevator Pitch, with nearly 40 million views, and host of the Top 5 business podcast, The Playbook.

He was awarded the Ellis Island Medal of Honor and Variety Magazine's Sports Humanitarian of the year. However, David prefers to be known as the CEO who travels the world helping people.

Scale Your Values

Date & Time

Tue, July 30, 2019

5:30 PM – 8:00 PM PDT


Next7 at VineOC

5151 California Avenue


Irvine, CA 92617

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What if there's a better way to scale your business? What if there's a way to make a lot of money (for your clients), help a lot of people and also have a lot of fun? Sound too good to be true?