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Always Be Closing - The ABC's of Growing Your Business

You're Invited To The ABC's Of Growing Your Small Business

How to Always Be Closing in Sales, Hiring, Partnerships & more

We've planned a highly engaging panel session with leaders from various industries.

Through an interactive discussion around the Art of Closing the Deal, the significance of Always Be Closing will be shared:

"Everything you say and do should ideally be done with only one goal in mind -- taking you one step closer to closing the deal. It's the only thing that matters."

Our attendees will discover how to:

· Compete on value, not price, by securing a Commitment to Invest early in the process.
· Ask for a Commitment to Build Consensus within the client’s organization, ensuring that the proposed solution has early buy-in from all stakeholders.
· Prevent the possibility of the sale falling through at the last minute by proactively securing a Commitment to Resolve Concerns. - "The Lost Art of Closing"

Specifically, our panelists will reveal secrets on how to consistently:

  • Close New Customers
  • Close New Employees
  • Close New Partnerships

Small businesses can grow fast with the ABC approach to assess and qualify prospects, increase the close frequency, and improve their close rates.

If you are an entrepreneur or business owner growing your small business, you will take away insights around consistently closing bigger deals.

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Networking Mingling Learning

The Business Owners Roundtable in Orange County hosted by oGoing

Come to this Business Owners Roundtable to network, share your story, find partners and learn best practices on leveraging blockchain technology to your advantage at your business. 

Our Business Owners Roundtable are attended by 25 to 30 local business owners and CEOs on average for maximum engagement and participation.

Check the testimonials from our recent Roundtable participants below.


Business Networking That Works

oGoing Presents Business Owners Roundtable In Irvine. Business Networking Online & Face-to-face

Event Schedule

6 pm to 6:45 pm - Networking, Pizza and Coke

6:45 pm to 7:15 pm - The Roundtable

7:15 pm to 8:00 pm - Our Speaker

8:00 pm to 8:30 pm - Networking

Come prepared to network, share and learn (and have a good time)! 

Thank You Next7 for your hospitality!

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Meet Dan Waldrop, Steve Smith and Jay Nitturkar at oGoing Business Owners Roundtable on April 24

About Our Panelists

Dan Waldrop, Steve Smith, Jay Nitturkar

Dan Waldrop - CEO, Drop Ad Agency

  • Dan Waldrop is the CEO of Drop Ad Agency, providing new leads, customers and patients for small to medium businesses through Facebook Advertising and Marketing Funnels. Dan has worked in the e-commerce space with platforms like Amazon and Shopify but ultimately pivoted to helping small and medium businesses grow their customer base.

Steve Smith - Business Coach, GrowthSource Coaching

  • Steve Smith is the President and Founder of GrowthSource Coaching in Orange County, CA. He provides leadership, management and marketing coaching to business owners, executives and entrepreneurs locally in SoCal and nationally to some of the leading firms.

Jay Nitturkar - CEO, pVerify

  • Jay Nitturkar is the CEO of pVerify, the market segment leader in automated patient eligibility verification space for the past 12 plus years. Jay is focused on improving financial health of Physician Practices through application of Technology, Best Practices and Strategic Outsourcing.

Roundtable Testimonials

Dr. Pete Johnson, The Peer Advisory Forum

"My sincere appreciation to the excellent program put on by Rhonda Sher at your oGoing Roundtable meeting...we were able to grow our Peer Advisory Forum by 2 additional members as a direct result of the Kaizen to our LinkedIn branding strategy"

Richard Carroll, Owner, Business Outsourcing Solutions

"Thanks Sanjay, great meeting. I enjoyed Steve's presentation and discussion. Met many great new people. Look forward to next month."

Chuck Freeman, Professor, Trainer and Executive Coach

"Thank you Sanjay for the invite, great meeting content from Steve Smith as well as great networking!"

Peter Mehit, Owner CBPS, Author 'Killer Business Plan', Speaker

"Really great and usable tips. Thanks for this!"

Tony T. Liu, Los Angeles & Orange County, CA Business Attorney

"The workshop was awesome! Thanks for putting it together and hosting it." 

Kelly Grady, Customer Relationship Specialist, Superior Data Solutions

"Great presentation last night Rhonda! I hope to make more real connections and help people in turn. Thank you!"

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