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How To Effectively Target The Rewarding U.S. Hispanic Market

The Business Owners Roundtable on September 25 | The Hispanic DNA | Rewarding USA Hispanic Market

We're extremely fortunate to announce that Hispanic Marketing Extraordinaire José L. Castañeda will be joining us and sharing strategic insights on how to understand and effectively target the growing and rewarding USA Hispanic Market.

As a business owner and CEO, you have to be always thinking about maximizing your market share. Are you strategically allocating your marketing dollars? Are you aware that almost every zip code in USA has a Hispanic population contributing to the approximately 60 million Latinos or 17% of the total US population?

Join us to learn how to properly engage with The Hispanic DNA - where language is just an ingredient, and understanding their culture is a MUST!

WHY ATTEND: Learn How To Effectively Invite Hispanics To Your Business. Because Your Business/Client Cannot Afford To Ignore It!

Attend this most engaging talk with Castañeda and get pertinent answers to these questions:
1. Latino vs Hispanic - what’s the difference

2. Hablamos Español/Spanglish or English? 

3. Which are the Hispanic subgroups and why they are important? 

4. What about their Purchasing Power? 

5. Who should I target... The Traditional, Assimilated, and/or The Bicultural Latino?

6. And many more questions from our attendees... 

Entrepreneurs and Business Owners are going to take away the best insights around building your business with the Hispanic / Latino Community.

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The Business Owners Roundtable in Orange County hosted by oGoing

Come to this Business Owners Roundtable to network, share your story, find partners, enjoy the food and learn best practices to grow your business. 

Our Business Owners Roundtable are attended by 25 to 30 local business owners and CEOs on average for maximum engagement and participation.

Check the testimonials from our recent Roundtable participants below.


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oGoing Presents Business Owners Roundtable In Irvine. Business Networking Online & Face-to-face

Event Schedule
5:30 to 6:30 pm - Business Networking, Pizza and Coke (and Breadsticks too ;-) )
6:30 to 7:00 pm - One-minute Stories by Business Owners
7:00 to 8:00 pm - The Roundtable Main Topic
8:00 to 8:30 pm - Networking and Close

Place: Sevenco at Vine OC

5151 California Ave. Suite 100

Irvine, CA 92617

Meet our Hispanic Marketing Guru José L. Castañeda

About Our Speaker

Hispanic Marketing Guru José L. Castañeda

As a business coach, Castañeda offers Strategic Marketing Consultant Services for Local businesses to help them ignite client acquisition and retention through marketing, advertising and sales activities, with an emphasis on Latino | Social Media | Retail. Previously, Castañeda worked as Chief Marketing Officer & Spokesperson for Fiesta Auto Insurance & Taxes Franchise Corporation where he considerably increased new client acquisition and retention rates, as well as, grew franchise sales units.

During 2001 to 2010, Castañeda worked as Divisional Marketing Manager for H&R Block, responsible for all Local marketing, Latino marketing, advertising and sales initiatives for 900+ retail office locations (Corporate and Franchise) throughout the West Coast. Created, implemented and championed winning 

Castañeda joined The Disneyland Resort in 1995 as a Consultant for the Product Development Department, focusing on the Local Hispanic business sector. Shortly afterwards, he became an official Cast Member (employee) as Senior Marketing Representative, in charge of sales opportunities for the Resort with an emphasis on The Walt Disney Travel Company and Convention Sales by targeting the U.S. Hispanic market. In 1998, Castañeda was promoted to Senior Manager of Strategic Brand Management Multicultural Marketing.

Walt Disney Mickey Mouse Award

In 2001, Castañeda received the prestigious Walt Disney-Mickey Mouse Award, due to his essential contribution to the creation, development and launch of the “first” Spanish language website (Disneyland.com) for the Walt Disney Company. Castañeda is a member of the Disney Institute, Orange County Real Estate Association and Latin Business Association. 

A native of Lima, Perú, Castañeda is a graduate of the University of Lima, and holds a bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Advertising. He operated his own advertising agency in Lima, for seven years, prior to moving to the United States in 1984.

Roundtable Testimonials

Dr. Pete Johnson, The Peer Advisory Forum

"My sincere appreciation to the excellent program put on by Rhonda Sher at your oGoing Roundtable meeting...we were able to grow our Peer Advisory Forum by 2 additional members as a direct result of the Kaizen to our LinkedIn branding strategy"

Richard Carroll, Owner, Business Outsourcing Solutions

"Thanks Sanjay, great meeting. I enjoyed Steve's presentation and discussion. Met many great new people. Look forward to next month."

Chuck Freeman, Professor, Trainer and Executive Coach

"Thank you Sanjay for the invite, great meeting content from Steve Smith as well as great networking!"

Peter Mehit, Owner CBPS, Author 'Killer Business Plan', Speaker

"Really great and usable tips. Thanks for this!"

Tony T. Liu, Los Angeles & Orange County, CA Business Attorney

"The workshop was awesome! Thanks for putting it together and hosting it." 

Kelly Grady, Customer Relationship Specialist, Superior Data Solutions

"Great presentation last night Rhonda! I hope to make more real connections and help people in turn. Thank you!"

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